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format file cursorfx

What is a cursorfx file and how do I open a cursorfx file?

The CursorFX software is an application developed by Stardock, and this program uses the data in files appended with the .cursorfx extension as theme files. These files are saved in the CURSORFX format, and the CursorFX software was developed to provide users with a set of integrated features that can be used to create and modify mouse cursors. The content of these CURSORFX files may include digital images and effects implemented by the author of the CURSORFX project output file using the CursorFX application. Mouse activity preferences and movement settings can also be configured in these CURSORFX files by users of the CursorFX software. Digital images encoded in the PNG format are used in these CURSORFX projects, and metadata details associated to the author of the CURSORFX project output file can also be stored in a .cursorfx file. Stardock released the CursorFX software as an update of the CursorXP program, and this new version of the application can still be used to open and view the content of CURXPTHEME files, which are project output files created with the CursorXP software, and these CURXPTHEME files can be exported or stored in the CURSORFX format.

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Stardock CursorFX
Detail cursorfx file extension information:
File Type: cursorfx
File Format: CursorFX Theme File
Primary Association: Data Files