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format file cyo

What is a cyo file and how do I open a cyo file?

A Clustify output file is generally categorized as a data file used by the Clustify software for its project output files. These Clustify project output files are stored in the CYO format and are affixed with the .cyo extension. The Clustify software was developed by Hot Neuron to provide users with a quick and convenient set of functionalities for tagging documents and assigning cluster IDs to each group of documents. Classified as a document organization and management application, Microsoft Windows users can install the Clustify program to start creating, opening and editing the content of these CYO project output files. There is also a version of the Clustify software for Linux systems, so users of Unix-based systems can create, open and edit these .cyo files using this program. There are other types of data files, such as files used by an associated application for storing relevant details in these files for future referencing as database files, and not as project output files like these CYO files.

Recommended cyo file download:
Hot Neuron Clustify
Hot Neuron Clustify
Detail cyo file extension information:
File Type: cyo
File Format: Clustify Output File
Primary Association: Data Files