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format file dbd

What is a dbd file and how do I open a dbd file?

A DemoShield project output file is an application used as an installer for demo software. These installers are appended with the .dbd extension and are stored in the DBD format. The DemoShield software is an application developed by Macrovision to provide software programmers with a set of functionalities helpful in creating installer programs for their demo application projects. These DBD files are also used in the creation of interactive presentations with multimedia objects. Compression specifications used as standards for online and offline content distribution are implemented into a DBD file. The integration of the DemoShield software and the DBD format into the InstallShield application was done in 2007, a year before "Macrovision" was changed to "Acresso Software". 2007 was also the year when development and support were discontinued for the DemoShield program. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install versions of the DemoShield application to access the integrated features for developing these installer programs and to implement support into their systems for these DBD files.

Recommended dbd file download:
Macrovision DemoShield
Detail dbd file extension information:
File Type: dbd
File Format: DemoShield Project
Primary Association: Data Files