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format file dbgsym

What is a dbgsym file and how do I open a dbgsym file?

In a software development project, debugging refers to tests and improvements or changes done to the code of an application, and these are done to ensure that there are no bugs in the code of the program. Debug symbols files are classified as data files and primarily used by developers as debugging files of some Unix-based applications. These files are affixed with the .dbgsym extension, and the data stored in these DBGSYM files consists of symbols included in error report logs generated after an application crash. These symbols are referenced by the application to display the appropriate debugging symbols associated to particular issues encountered by the corresponding application. The DBGSYM format was developed to provide Unix-based application developers with quicker and more convenient bug tracking capabilities. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can use Microsoft Notepad and Microsoft Wordpad to open and view the content of a DBGSYM file.

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Detail dbgsym file extension information:
File Type: dbgsym
File Format: Debug Symbols File
Primary Association: Data Files