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format file dcpr

What is a dcpr file and how do I open a dcpr file?

An Adobe DNG camera profile recipe file is saved in the DCPR format that was developed by Adobe Systems and is generally classified as a data file. These DCPR files are affixed with the .dcpr extension and can be created, opened and edited using the Adobe DNG Profile Editor software. Adobe Systems also developed the Adobe DNG Profile Editor application as a freeware program for authoring and editing digital camera profiles (DCPs). The data stored in these DCPR files includes tone curve settings, color matrices and color tables entered by the author of the DCPR file. These settings are used as reference data when a supported digital camera loaded with the DCPR profile needs to render RAW images. The Adobe DNG Profile Editor software is implemented with features for exporting these DCPR files into the DCP format. Some photo editing programs from Adobe Systems can be used to open and edit these DCP files, and a few includes the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 software and the Adobe Photoshop CS5 application among others.

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Recommended dcpr file download:
Adobe DNG Profile Editor
Adobe DNG Profile Editor
Detail dcpr file extension information:
File Type: dcpr
File Format: Adobe DNG Camera Profile Recipe File
Primary Association: Data Files