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format file dfproj

What is a dfproj file and how do I open a dfproj file?

DVD Flick project files are classified as data files created using the DVD Flick software. These files are saved in the DFPROJ format and are appended with the .dfproj extension. Users can create, open and edit the content of these DFPROJ files by installing the DVD Flick software into their Microsoft Windows-based systems. The DVD Flick software was developed to provide users with a set of features used for developing and burning video files unto DVD disks. Authors of these DVD Flick projects may enter different types of data in these DFPROJ files like multiple video files, interactive navigation menus, various audio tracks and metadata info such as subtitles. The DFPROJ file format is integrated with support for more than 60 video codecs, 45 video, audio and XML-based text file formats and 40 audio codecs. The video content and other interactive features in DVD disks created and burned using the DVD Flick software can be viewed and accessed by many standard DVD players.

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DVD Flick
Detail dfproj file extension information:
File Type: dfproj
File Format: DVD Flick Project
Primary Association: Data Files