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format file ditaval

What is a ditaval file and how do I open a ditaval file?

Data files called DITA conditions files are saved using the DITAVAL encoding format, and these DITAVAL files are associated to the content found in corresponding DITA documents. These DITAVAL files are affixed with the .ditaval extension and are mainly implemented for the filtration of data topics stored in associated DITA documents. Conditional rules or codes comprise the content of these DITAVAL files, specifically for the inclusion or exclusion of certain data topics stored in the associated DITA files. "DITA" in .dita documents stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture, and these are text documents containing structured technical data encoded with XML-based standards. These DITA documents are used for authoring and publishing scientific materials. The DITAVAL format was developed by International Standards Organization, while the DITA format is from OASIS. Users of computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems can use certain text editing applications to open and view the content of these DITAVAL files, and Microsoft Notepad is an example of these text editors implemented with support for these DITAVAL files.

Recommended ditaval file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Adobe FrameMaker 11
SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor
Detail ditaval file extension information:
File Type: ditaval
File Format: DITA Conditions File
Primary Association: Data Files