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format file dpt

What is a dpt file and how do I open a dpt file?

Kingsoft Presentation template files are saved in the DPT format, and these DPT files are appended with the .dpt extension. These DPT files can be created, opened and edited using the Kingsoft Presentation software, an application similar to the Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow program. The content of a DPT file includes text formatting elements and slide layout attributes entered by the authors of the DPT file. The Kingsoft Presentation program can be used to implement text and slide layout elements as well as audio clips, digital objects, sound and visual effects into a DPT file, for quick and convenient integration into new Kingsoft Presentation slideshow documents. These Kingsoft Presentation slideshow documents are saved in the DPS format and are appended with the .dps extension. Android users can install the Kingsoft Office suite of programs to access the functionalities integrated into the Kingsoft Presentation slideshow software. Microsoft Windows users can use the Kingsoft Presentation application to start creating, opening and using these DPT files for their DPS document development projects.

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Kingsoft Presentation
Kingsoft Office for Android
Detail dpt file extension information:
File Type: dpt
File Format: Kingsoft Presentation Template
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: text/html