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format file ec0

What is an ec0 file and how do I open an ec0 file?

A MetroCount Traffic data file is created and saved in the EC0 format by the MetroCount Traffic Executive software. These EC0 files are data files affixed with the .ec0 extension. The MetroCount Traffic Executive application is classified as software used to create reports with vehicle classification and traffic details. These reports are used for traffic surveys, traffic data research and analysis. These pieces of information about vehicular specifications and traffic details are entered and stored in an EC0 file using the MetroCount Traffic Executive software. MetroCount developed this application so users can also enter visual objects like graphs and charts in their EC0 traffic report files. Associated attributes like specific vehicle filter configurations, colors, standardized units of measurement, categorization references, statistical details and speed bins corresponding to certain automobiles may also be included in the content of an EC0 file. Raw data stored in an EC0 file can be generated by the RSU (MetroCount Roadside Unit) device. This hardware unit was developed for parsing time stamp details from air pulses produced by the tires of automobiles when it comes in contact with installed road axle sensors.

Recommended ec0 file download:
MetroCount Traffic Executive
Detail ec0 file extension information:
File Type: ec0
File Format: MetroCount Traffic Data File
Primary Association: Data Files