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format file edat

What is an edat file and how do I open an edat file?

An E-DataAid 1.x file is stored in the EDAT format used by version 1 of the E-DataAid software, and this application can be used to create these EDAT files. Serving as data files of this program, these EDAT files are affixed with the .edat extension and contain structured data separated by columns and rows similar to a spreadsheet document. The content of an EDAT file is entered by an E-Prime software user and saved in the EDAT file. The E-DataAid v1.x software is bundled as a data manipulation application with the E-Prime program, which is classified as a psychology research and analysis application. Students, researchers, medical experts, psychologists, psychiatrists and scientists can use the E-DataAid v1.x software to organize details of participants and results among other pieces of data gathered during the implementation of psychological tests and psychiatric evaluation sessions. Psychology Software Tools developed the ECL format along with the E-DataAid v1.x program and the E-Prime software suite. Instead of using the EDAT format, version 2 of this program uses the EDAT2 format.

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Psychology Software Tools E-Prime
Detail edat file extension information:
File Type: edat
File Format: E-DataAid 1.x File
Primary Association: Data Files