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format file edf

What is an edf file and how do I open an edf file?

The EDFExplorer software can be used to create, view and edit the content of an ESRF data file, and these files are stored in the EDF format. Plain text content is usually stored in these EDF files, though binary data can also be entered by the author of the EDF document. Digital photos or images and other 3D objects can be embedded on these EDF documents. Binary and metadata details can also be included in an EDF file, along with header data associated to the content of an EDF document. The EDFExplorer program was developed to provide students, researchers and scientists with a set of features used for storing, editing and analyzing scientific data and images gathered from lab experiments. Users of computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems can also install the SAXS Program Package software to create, open or view and edit the content of these EDF files. The data stored in an EDF file is retrieved by these supported applications to display it on the GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) of these programs, and this happens when a user opens an file appended with the .edf extension using these applications. These programs update the content and edits made by the user to the EDF document.

Recommended edf file download:
SAXS Program Package
Detail edf file extension information:
File Type: edf
File Format: ESRF Data File
Primary Association: Data Files