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format file eep

What is an eep file and how do I open an eep file?

An EEPROM data file is stored in the EEP format, which was developed for the PonyProg software. These EEP files are appended with the .eep extension, and the PonyProg application uses these EEP files to store details associated to flash memory cards and other Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) devices. The content of these EEP files is encoded in the hex (hexadecimal) format. This content is associated to the data stored in the memory device that corresponds to a certain EEP file. The PonyProg software is classified as a program editing and hex editing application, and software developers with Microsoft Windows-based systems can install this program to create, open and edit the content of these EEP files. Compatible USB thumb drives, SD and micro SD cards are some of the memory devices implemented with support for these EEP files. The Microsoft Windows OS references the data stored in an associated EEP file to retrieve relevant content that corresponds to a particular memory device, and this happens when the user wants to access the memory device connected to the Microsoft Windows-based system.

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Detail eep file extension information:
File Type: eep
File Format: EEPROM Data File
Primary Association: Data Files