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format file emrg2

What is an emrg2 file and how do I open an emrg2 file?

The .emrg2 file extension is the newer version of the .emrg file extension. It also belongs to the data file category, developed by Psychology Software Tools, and it is also commonly known as an E-Merge 2.0 Data File. This file extension is used by files created by E-merge, an application among the Psychology software tools, by which data files from .EDAT or .EDAT2 are saved. The .emrg2 files can be opened using version 2 of Psychology software tools. These are a suite of tools most widely used for experiments and studies that involve data analysis, data gathering, etc. Although the .emrg2 file extension is already the latest version, version 1 of the Psychology software tools can still be used to open files appended with this file extension, even if Psychology software tools version 2 is recommended to open files with the .emrg extension. The only difference is the enhanced features of the newer version of Psychology Software Tools.

Recommended emrg2 file download:
Psychology Software Tools E-Prime
Detail emrg2 file extension information:
File Type: emrg2
File Format: E-Merge 2.0 Data File
Primary Association: Data Files