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format file evy

What is an evy file and how do I open an evy file?

The .evy file extension is used by Corel Envoy files. This is actually the competitor of PDF files that is mostly used as an e-book format. Although Corel is still a familiar term nowadays, PDF files are more popular already. However, when it comes to the .evy file extension, this is mostly used for files created using this word processor. The .evy file extension is also used to save older versions of word processors such as WordPerfect. If nowadays, Microsoft Word is leading, WordPerfect reigned in the 80’s and 90’s. This older version of word processor goes hand in hand with Corel Envoy since they are both older versions and files that are created using this program use .evy extension. Tumbleweed Software ActiveX Control is also an application using the .evy extension. This is also file transfer software wherein the .evy extension is used as the file transfer format. This software ensures safe file transfers from different users.

Mac OS
Recommended evy file download:
Envoy Viewer
Envoy Viewer
Detail evy file extension information:
File Type: evy
File Format: Envoy File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/envoy, application/x-envoy