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format file exl

What is an exl file and how do I open an exl file?

The .exl file extension has many uses. It is implemented as an Export Lister File or a JSDAI Inclusion or Exclusion List. As an Export Lister File, the .exl file extension is used by files that can be created with the help of Export Note. This is a program that is generally classified as a database application, and this software can be used for the conversion of Lotus notes into supported databases of Microsoft Outlook. As a JSDAI Inclusion or Exclusion List file, this file format is used for files that a certain software requires as a plugin for the manipulation of stored data in the EXPRESS language. The Export Note software is implemented with support for widely used operating systems, which means this program can be installed in computers that run on popular versions of Microsoft Windows. Users can use this program to opena nd view the content of these EXL files.

Recommended exl file download:
SysTools Export Notes
Detail exl file extension information:
File Type: exl
File Format: Export Lister File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: text/plain, text/xml