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format file exx

What is an exx file and how do I open an exx file?

One file type that can be created by using IBM Linkway is a file that use the .exx extension. IBM Linkway was widely used during the 90s, and this application was mostly used for multimedia purposes, such as for developing multimedia files and presentation data. IBM is known as International Business Machines, and this software is a convenient tool to use because it consists of user-friendly panels and features. One can compare this software to Powerpoint because many IBM applications, including this program, are also used to make presentations. Users can perform a lot of function using IBM Linkway, especially if it has something to do with their projects and presentations. This was popular because it not only helped teachers and instructors with their educational strategies, but also students in accomplishing their class projects. The .exx file extension is also used for files created by IBM Linkway because this format is necessary in converting presentations and its embedded data into its finished form for publication.

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IBM Linkway
Detail exx file extension information:
File Type: exx
File Format: IBM Linkway MsgPut File
Primary Association: Data Files