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format file fll

What is a fll file and how do I open a fll file?

The .fll file extension is used by the software known as Visual FoxPro. The files with the .fll extension used in this software are files that contain a group of procedures on how certain applications and databases can be created. Since Visual Foxpro is a set of tools, it contains a set of procedures as well which are saved using the .fll format. But aside from being used by Foxpro, the .fll file extension is also associated with the Micrografx Designer by which the .fll files contain fill patters for images that users can apply when using the software. The software is somewhat like Corel but the only difference is that it is mostly used for engineering purposes especially when creating drawings in this field. The famous game known as The Sims also use .fll files. The .fll files contained in this game are mostly on floor files or the files used to create and save floor option in the Sims. The Sims is a game that allows users to create a virtual world, a virtual house and control virtual people; therefore, it requires selection of items such as floors in order to play the game.

Recommended fll file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail fll file extension information:
File Type: fll
File Format: FoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
Primary Association: Data Files