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format file gal

What is a gal file and how do I open a gal file?

The .gal file extension is used by GenePix. It is a biological data format in the form of an array list. The Genepix Pro software is known as analysis software because it is more commonly used in analyzing tissues, cells, etc. And so, the biological data analyzed with the use of this software is what is called the .gal format. The .gal extension contributes to the software’s ease of use and it is the format that users rely on and check to be able to reach a conclusion about the item being analyzed. Even if the .gal file extension is mainly associated with the GenePix Pro software, some text editors and a spreadsheet application can be used to open .gal files. These programs are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Notepad and Microsoft Wordpad.

Recommended gal file download:
Any text editor
Molecular Devices GenePix Pro Software
Microsoft Excel 2013
Detail gal file extension information:
File Type: gal
File Format: GenePix Array List File
Primary Association: Data Files