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format file gls

What is a gls file and how do I open a gls file?

The .gls file extension is more commonly known as a glossary file used by Babylon Glossary Builder. Glossaries are helpful in displaying definitions of terms as well as displaying word translations. Now, glossaries can be created with the use of a glossary builder and in fact, glossaries are easy to build with the use of software like Babylon Glossary builder. These glossary files, definitions and the term translations are called .gls files. These files are helpful in storing references for dictionaries. As a matter of fact, these files can not only hold text content, but also digital photos, so this means users can create encyclopedias with this software. Users need this software installed in their systems before they can open, edit and modify the content of these GLS files, because the creation and modification of files saved in the .gls format can only be done by accessing certain features that are integrated into Babylon Glossary Builder.

Recommended gls file download:
Babylon Glossary Builder
Detail gls file extension information:
File Type: gls
File Format: Babylon Glossary File
Primary Association: Data Files