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format file gpj

What is a gpj file and how do I open a gpj file?

Files with the .gpj extension are project files that were created by Grapher. Since Grapher is a program that generates graphs in 2D or 3D, the .gpj files contain valuable data that allows graph generation. However, .gpj files are most commonly described as visual graph files, which means they do not contain the source data. This software provides users with a set of integrated options which can allow them to choose from a wide selection of specialty graphs. These specialty graph templates also come with formatting options and layout preferences that can allow users to further customize their visual charts and graphs to improve their presentation materials. The Grapher software is implemented with support for opening, creating and viewing the content of these GPJ files. This program has been implemented with support for most widely used versions of Microsoft Windows, and users must install this application into their supported Windows-based systems in order to start authoring their desired visual graphs through this program.

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Golden Software Grapher
Detail gpj file extension information:
File Type: gpj
File Format: Grapher Project File
Primary Association: Data Files