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format file gra

What is a gra file and how do I open a gra file?

Files in GRA format are graph files created with the use of Microsoft Graph program. This program is bundled with Microsoft Office products and is commonly accessed through PowerPoint and Excel applications. Users of Microsoft Graph provide necessary data through wizard form. These data are gathered and plotted into graphical format which can be embedded to various Microsoft Office documents. GRA files or graph files contain series of instructions specifically formulated to verify numerical values of different patterns and to plant points inside a graph. This graph files utilizes bars, lines and pies to form shapes and patterns that would represent user defined values and data. Flight Simulator X is a Microsoft game designed to simulate actual aircraft flying experience which also uses GRA files. Unlike in Microsoft Graph where GRA files are based on user defined data, GRA files employed by this game are based from the gathered appraisal of the aircrafts performance presented in graphical form.

Mac OS
Recommended gra file download:
Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Excel 2013
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Microsoft Word 2011
Microsoft Excel 2011
Microsoft PowerPoint 2011
Detail gra file extension information:
File Type: gra
File Format: Microsoft Graph File
Primary Association: Data Files