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format file grv

What is a grv file and how do I open a grv file?

Files with GRV extension are created by the Microsoft Office Groove now Microsoft SharePoint Workspace. This application is created for the purpose of providing workspace for people who need to function as a team but are limited by their geographical locations or are simply disconnected. It features numerous functionalities that can help effectively monitor team collaboration. GRV files are utilized by this application to save Groove account information, support instant messaging function, and to send Groove invitations. Groove invitations are commonly sent out to request receiver to join a workspace or to view an online page or a data file. Gravity application was developed by Steve Safarik for the purpose of providing users a platform that can simulate the movements of the planets in space. Users can have up to 16 planets inside their solar systems and can set the values of the planets’ mass, initial positions, initial velocity and density. The movements of the planets in the simulated setting are then monitored and recorded. Settings used in the simulation are stored as GRV files.

Recommended grv file download:
Microsoft Office Groove
Detail grv file extension information:
File Type: grv
File Format: Office Groove File
Primary Association: Data Files