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format file hdl

What is a hdl file and how do I open a hdl file?

The HDL file format is used by a program known as HotDocs. This software is a document creator and document modifier program that employs the HDL file format to save program commands used in creating documents. HDL files created by this program are accessed from time to time as template documents. This means when a user requests access to some of the integrated features provided by this application for making additions and edits to documents, this software saves the associated data in these HDL files. Upon user request, this program then locates the correct HDL file with the required content in order to load the content of the HDL file unto the system and its GUI (Graphical User Interface) in order to display the changes, additions and edits made by the user when creating documents with the use of this program.

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Detail hdl file extension information:
File Type: hdl
File Format: HotDocs Library File
Primary Association: Data Files