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format file hkdb

What is a hkdb file and how do I open a hkdb file?

When users deploy iTunes to generate music libraries, the music libraries that are generated are known as HKDB files. Since these files are mostly used by iTunes, they are also called Apple iTunes Library Files. The HKDB file extension was developed by Apple and the HKDB files are categorized as data files. Since HKDB files are music libraries, they contain music metadata database including the song titles, the composers, the genres, the lengths as well as other information about the music contained in the library. Apple iTunes use these files in order to organize music collections so that it would be easy for users to play their music files. Apple iTunes can run on both Windows and MAC OS. This application allows users to play and organize digital music files as well as video files. This application can also be downloaded for free to gadgets like the iPod, ipad and iphones.

Mac OS
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Apple iTunes
Apple iTunes
Detail hkdb file extension information:
File Type: hkdb
File Format: Apple iTunes Library File
Primary Association: Data Files