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format file hm3

What is a hm3 file and how do I open a hm3 file?

The HM3 file extension was developed by EC Software and used for Help & Manual 3 Project Files. This is because HM3 files refer to the Windows help documentation projects that the software called Help & Manual 3 created. HM3 files are the help pages that are in the format of RTF text, but it is possible to expert them to a variety of formats like HTML Help (.CHM) and Winhelp (.HLP). The HM3 files are mainly used by version 3 of the Help & Manual program. This software is used to document and manage contents of a file either for single or multi-author editing purposes. This software is very user-friendly because it can be used like a word processor but it is also loaded with features that allow users to experience what a true WYSIWYG XML editor can offer. The software runs on a Widows Operating system and the HM3 files are categorized as data files.

Recommended hm3 file download:
EC Software Help & Manual
Detail hm3 file extension information:
File Type: hm3
File Format: Help & Manual 3 Project
Primary Association: Data Files