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format file htg

What is a htg file and how do I open a htg file?

The HTG file extension is used for HackTheGame Mission Pack files. It is developed by Chaozz Software and the files that this application uses are known as HTG files since they are attached with the HTG extension. HackTheGame is an application known as a text-based simulation, allowing players to complete tasks to hack computers. The tasks are usually sent from someone the users don’t know wherein as a computer hacker; the users must hack a computer for that sender. The objective of the game is to be successful in hacking someone’s computer in order to get more assignments. Now, these HTG files refer to the text, data as well as the instructions contained in the hacking mission. These files are usually written in plain text. HTG file are also helpful when it comes to the functions of the software called Chaozz MissionPack Creator as they serve as the storage of pre-installed game contents and they are also used for the creation of custom mission packs.

Recommended htg file download:
Chaozz HackTheGame
Chaozz MissionPack Creator
Detail htg file extension information:
File Type: htg
File Format: HackTheGame Mission Pack
Primary Association: Data Files