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format file icaltodo

What is an icaltodo file and how do I open an icaltodo file?

Like the ICALEVENT file extension, the ICALTODO file extension is also used by Spotlight. ICALTODO refers to the iCal To Do Files or calendar data files that are mostly used by the Spotlight utility; a tool that belongs to the MAC OS X and is used as a search utility. While the ICALEVENT files contain calendar event data, the ICALTODO files usually contain tasks and to-do lists of users as well as cached to-do data also useful for searches. These files are saved in the [user]/Library/Caches/Metadata/iCal/ directory. In other words, they correspond to the calendar to-do items users created using Ical. ICALTODO files are mostly used and opened using the Apple Ical application by MAC. This is known as a personal calendar wherein users can create their schedules, tasks, reminders, etc. It helps users take note of the important events and important things to do on a certain date or schedule.

Mac OS
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Apple iCal
Detail icaltodo file extension information:
File Type: icaltodo
File Format: iCal To Do File
Primary Association: Data Files