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format file ifaith

What is an ifaith file and how do I open an ifaith file?

The IFAITH file extension was developed by iH8sn0w, the developer of the iFaith program. IH8sn0w uses IFAITH files or files containing the IFAITH extension as iFaith SHSH Files since these are files created by iFaith. iFaith is a popular program used to dump .SHSH blobs as well as build signed .IPSW files necessary for iOS devices such as the iphone, the ipad and the ipod touch. The IFAITH files created by this application contain SHSH blobs cache that the software dumped. These files play a very excellent role when it comes to jail breaking IOS devices. Jail breaking IOS devices may sound like a crime as it means hacking these devices, but if users want to be able to access their ipod’s operating systems and have the power to install whatever applications they want to add to it as well as break the limits that Apple has imposed on their gadgets, jail breaking is the solution. But since it is complicated to hack these devices especially since users could be caught, they needed SHSH blobs or the SHSH files created using iFaith.

Recommended ifaith file download:
iH8sn0w iFaith
Detail ifaith file extension information:
File Type: ifaith
File Format: iFaith SHSH File
Primary Association: Data Files