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format file imr

What is an imr file and how do I open an imr file?

These files are known as Impromptu Report Files because they are the report files created using by Cognos Impromptu. This is an application used to generate reports from various sources of data as well as this application is also used for the distribution of these data to business users. This application helps users make better decisions and improve performance in the corporate world. The IMR files created using this program are what contain information about the page layout, as well as data source references, supplying the data for the report’s fields. IMR files help a lot in the application’s main function, which is to generate business reports. IMR files can also be snapshot reports, meaning they could include raw data so that users can view the report even without using external sources of data. The IMR files can also refer to the saved report documents that can be distributed to other Impromptu users.

Recommended imr file download:
IBM Cognos Impromptu
IBM Cognos Impromptu
Detail imr file extension information:
File Type: imr
File Format: Impromptu Report File
Primary Association: Data Files