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format file ip

What is an ip file and how do I open an ip file?

The collections or icon packages saved by IconPackager as a desktop theme are known as IP files. This is why these files are often called IconPackager Theme Files. These files are useful for the replacement of most of Windows' standard icons containing custom variations. The icons that are contained in these files may be few or numerous and they are also compressed with the use of a ZIP compression. Several file formats such as the .ICONPACKAGEfile, .ICO files and .ICL files can be contained in these IP files too. IP files are opened on a Windows operating system using Stardock IconPackager. This application is used to change all Windows icons through the application of icon packages. Unlike the Microsoft themes application, this application can change numerous icons which is why it is a more ideal icon application. In other words, it provides users more options when it comes to changing their Windows desktop icons, etc.

Recommended ip file download:
Stardock IconPackager
Detail ip file extension information:
File Type: ip
File Format: IconPackager Theme File
Primary Association: Data Files