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format file irock

What is an irock file and how do I open an irock file?

The files extension IROCK was developed by Engius. This is used for files that refer to the data file format that the intelliRock and intelliRock II concrete measurement devices use. The IROCK files are categorized as data files and known as intelliRock Sensor Data Files. They are used for the recording of the in-place concrete physical properties in real time. IROCK files also refer to the logger data the intelliRock sensors recorded which are encrypted and saved using a format that can no longer be altered. Users can transfer IROCK files to a PC and analyze it using the rockWare software. Intellrock, the application using IROCK files are available in versions 1 and 2. Both of these versions function in giving construction professionals the real-time information they need in order to manage workflow related to concrete in a safe and efficient manner. This also makes the tasks of construction professionals a lot easier and faster.

Recommended irock file download:
Engius rockWare
Detail irock file extension information:
File Type: irock
File Format: intelliRock Sensor Data File
Primary Association: Data Files