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format file itn

What is an itn file and how do I open an itn file?

ITN files are categorized as data files and known as TomTom Navigator Itinerary Files. These files are the travel itinerary saved using the TomTom Navigator GPS software wherein they are used to save travel routes as well as points of interests in the ASCII text file format. ITN files mark locations as pass-by locations or destination points wherein these points are flagged as either visited or not visited. There are several fields contained in ITN files and these fields are: filed 0 for Longitude in WGS84 format; field 1 for Latitude in WGS84 format; field 2 for Name of the specified point and field 3 for the Flag. ITN files are usually found in “My DocumentsTomTom Navigator Settings" on a Windows operating system and users can create these files or download them online. These files are also available for transfer to a TomTom GPS device using the USB wherein they are saved in the GPS device's ITN folder.

Mac OS
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Detail itn file extension information:
File Type: itn
File Format: TomTom Navigator Itinerary File
Primary Association: Data Files