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format file itx

What is an itx file and how do I open an itx file?

The form templates created using the FileNet eForms Designer are referred to as ITX files. Which is why they are often called the ITX Form Template files. They are categorized as data files developed by IBM. These files serve as the starting point to develop and distribute multiple forms containing a similar layout and structure. ITX files are also called "Informed XML Templates” wherein these files are often used for the default format of the eforms. They can be viewed using IBM FileNet eForms Designer. This is a program that allows users to design, process, and manage electronic forms for the management of enterprise content. The software containing ITX files contribute a lot to increasing productivity because it minimizes the time spent for the management of business processes. In other words, instead of focusing on creating forms users can use to manage their businesses, they can focus more on their productivity because the software can take care of business process management forms already.

Mac OS
Recommended itx file download:
IBM FileNet eForms Designer
IBM FileNet eForms Designer
Detail itx file extension information:
File Type: itx
File Format: ITX Form Template
Primary Association: Data Files