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format file jmp

What is a jmp file and how do I open a jmp file?

SAS Institute developed the JMP file extension and used it for JMP Data Files. JMP files are data files that the program JMP created. JMP is a program allowing users to visualize the statistics that were created using the SAS software. This is why, JMP files are known to be associated with the SAS software. JMP files contain tabular data in fields and records format and they are the files that represent types of data and their values. JMP Scripting Language (JSL) scripts can also be used to create these files wherein they can also be imported and exported using SAS software. The JMP file extension is pronounced as “jump” and the main functions of JMP files are to serve as interactive visualization packages for the provision of dynamic visualization through its integration with SAS data. The SAS Institute JMP software runs on both Windows and MAC operating systems wherein it is the main application used to open JMP files.

Mac OS
Recommended jmp file download:
SAS Institute JMP
SAS Institute JMP
Detail jmp file extension information:
File Type: jmp
File Format: JMP Data File
Primary Association: Data Files