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format file kbs

What is a kbs file and how do I open a kbs file?

The KBS file extension was developed by PC Dirck and it is used by files or scripts that the Keyboard Script program uses. This is why KBS files are also so called Keyboard Script Files. KBS files are usually saved in plain text format and the information they contain are usually the instructions regarding keystrokes. These files are also used to save repetitive key sequences like what is used in a macro, which is why it is said that macro and KBS files are a bit the same in terms of being triggered by a key combination. The PC Dirck program is the main application that can open KBS files. This program is actually a Spanish program that allows users to create keyboard shortcuts for the quick performance of repetitive tasks. This program runs on a Windows operating system and the KBS files it uses are categorized as data files.

Recommended kbs file download:
PC Dirck Keyboard Script
Detail kbs file extension information:
File Type: kbs
File Format: Keyboard Script File
Primary Association: Data Files