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format file kismac

What is a kismac file and how do I open a kismac file?

The files that are created by KisMAC are known as KISMAC files and these files are used as KisMAC Webservice Files. KISMAC files contain useful information from computer networks that are scanned such as clients and services. These files are helpful when it comes to analyzing wireless networks offline as well as they are also saved in a compressed format. Since KISMAC files deal with wireless networks, they are helpful when it comes to gaining access to wireless networks through the cracking of network passwords. KISMAC files contribute to the good function of the KISMAC application; a program that allows users to sniff and scan wireless computer networks wherein it is considered a more advanced application as it uses passive scanning and monitor mode. This software is exclusive MAC OS software so it can only run on a MAC operating system. KISMAC files are categorized as data files and can thereby be accessed on a MAC operating system only.

Mac OS
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Detail kismac file extension information:
File Type: kismac
File Format: KisMAC Webservice File
Primary Association: Data Files