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format file kpp

What is a kpp file and how do I open a kpp file?

Files with .kpp extension also known as Kid Pix Presentation (KPP) files are presentation data files created using Kid Pix, a creative software application which was originally built by Craig Hickman in 1989 prompted by his desire to provide an easy-to-use drawing program for children. The file can hold slides with different images and pictures that can run as slide presentation with music and sounds. By the use of this data file, animation can also be created through the use of several images as animation frames. Under the animation option, the file may contain “digital puppets”, “moopies”, “stampimator”, static and animated graphic arts and audio recordings that can be obtained using the premade tools of the program. The Kid Pix program was originally meant to run under the Macintosh platform but the latest release is now supported by Windows. This data file can be opened and edited using The Learning Company Kid Pix De Luxe supported by Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Mac OS
Recommended kpp file download:
The Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe
The Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe
Detail kpp file extension information:
File Type: kpp
File Format: Kid Pix Presentation
Primary Association: Data Files