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format file kpx

What is a kpx file and how do I open a kpx file?

Files with .kpx extension are paintings or pictures generated using Kid Pix, a creative software application which was originally built by Craig Hickman in 1989 prompted by his desire to provide an easy-to-use drawing program for children. The data file when accessed through the Kid Pix application serve as the canvas where young users can freely express their creative imagination by sketching or painting pictures using the easy-to-follow menu appearing on the screen of the computer which include “basic and special drawing tools”, “selection and erasing tools”, and “text insertion”, among others. Recorded sounds can also be added by the user to the painting or picture created. The file can be kept in a cross-platform and it can be retained, viewed and edited using The Learning Company Kid Pix De Luxe supported by both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. For easy access, this data file can be converted to the latest version of paint brush bitmap image file (PCX) format.

Mac OS
Recommended kpx file download:
The Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe
The Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe
Detail kpx file extension information:
File Type: kpx
File Format: Kid Pix Picture
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: image/kpxmac