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format file kth

What is a kth file and how do I open a kth file?

The .kth extension is used for theme files created using a presentation application called Keynote which was developed by Apple Inc. This presentation application was first released in 2003 and from then on it underwent successive revisions in order to address functionality and compatibility issues. While this application was originally meant to run using personal computers (PCs) and laptops, it can also run using mobile devices like iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. The theme data file created using Keynote can hold various text fonts, colors, tables, charts, templates, theme slides, graphical details and animation effects, animated backgrounds, three dimension slide movement, customized appearance, and built-in colorful theme images and features, among others. This theme data file is very useful for formal and informal presentation during thematic meetings, gatherings, and group activities as well as during business conferences, trade expo, and other activities. The file can be opened using Apple Keynote 5.1.

Mac OS
Recommended kth file download:
Apple Keynote 5.3
Detail kth file extension information:
File Type: kth
File Format: Keynote Theme
Primary Association: Data Files