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format file kvtml

What is a kvtml file and how do I open a kvtml file?

Files with .kvtml extensions are data files used for KWordQuiz, a flash card program for vocabulary training developed by K Desktop Environment (KDE). KWordQuiz operates on a desktop environment and is used as tutorial instrument for learning new languages by using built-in methodologies like the use of flash card, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple choices. The data file can hold texts and a set of flash card at XML format. It can also stock data for different types of test questions or for adding vocabulary to the program’s library. Access to this file is easy because KVTML files are also accessible to other programs of the KDE such as KVocTrain and Parley. As used for KWordQuiz, this data file is useful as a self-taught tool for those who wish to learn and master new languages at home. The file supports the Unicode Standard. It can be opened using KDE Education Project KWordQuiz, KDE Education Project KVocTrain, and KDE Education Project Parley, all under Linux platform.

Recommended kvtml file download:
The KDE Education Project KWordQuiz
The KDE Education Project KVocTrain
The KDE Education Project Parley
Detail kvtml file extension information:
File Type: kvtml
File Format: KWordQuiz File
Primary Association: Data Files