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format file loc

What is a loc file and how do I open a loc file?

These are files that are mainly used by location data applications and they are known as the format that includes waypoints. LOC files are the storage of saved locations and places of interest and they are mostly used by GPS mapping programs like DeLorme Topo. LOC files are also saved in the XML format and useful for interchanging GPS data between applications. The string resources identified by LOC files usually contain strings of various languages. Opening LOC files may require applications like the TopoGrafix EasyGPS, an application that allows users to quickly and easily upload and download waypoints, listing them on the left side of the screen so that a GPS data plot can be shown on the right. LOC files are saved in a different format than that of GPX files although they have similarities.

Recommended loc file download:
TopoGrafix EasyGPS
DeLorme Topo USA
Detail loc file extension information:
File Type: loc
File Format: GPS Location File
Primary Association: Data Files