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format file lpdb

What is a lpdb file and how do I open a lpdb file?

LPDB files are known as Librarian Pro Database Files developed by the Koingo Software used by the application called Librarian Pro. This program is used to organize personal libraries that contain book, music, software and movies. With the use of this program, users can create their own mini libraries and manage their collections. Whether these mini libraries are for collection purposes or business purposes, this application is a very useful tool. All the data files that this software creates are LPDB files and these files contain item descriptions, the title, the genre, the artist or the author, as well as personal ratings and other important information about the contents of the personal library users created. LPDB files help users store and update their personal database and make it easy to organized personal libraries using Librarian Pro. These LPDB files can be opened using Windows and MAC OS as well as with the use of the Koingo Librarian Pro application.

Mac OS
Recommended lpdb file download:
Koingo Librarian Pro
Koingo Librarian Pro
Detail lpdb file extension information:
File Type: lpdb
File Format: Librarian Pro Database File
Primary Association: Data Files