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format file lsu

What is a lsu file and how do I open a lsu file?

These files are used to refer to the network map files that the LANsurveyor created. While LSR files refer to the reports gathered by the LANsurveyor application, LSU files are more specific as they refer to the network map files or the visual representation of devices that are connected by LANsurveyor-monitored networks. These files do not contain the overall report like LSR files but they mostly contain the network maps which is why these files are also known as LANsurveyor Maps. LSU files can be opened with the LANsurveyor software, a program that makes network mapping as simple as ever. It is a program that makes use of a unique technique for the automatic discovery of user’s network as well as the production of comprehensive network maps that can be viewed easily. These network maps produced by this software that can be viewed easily are the LSU files and they make it easy for users to survey their networks using LANsurveyor.

Recommended lsu file download:
Neon Software LANsurveyor
Detail lsu file extension information:
File Type: lsu
File Format: LANsurveyor Map
Primary Association: Data Files