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format file mbl

What is a mbl file and how do I open a mbl file?

These files are called Logger Pro Data Files because they are the data files that are created using the Logger Pro software. They are files affixed with the MBL file extension developed by Vernier. The data contained in MBL files are tables, graphs, experiments and other data types that users create using Logger Pro. Most of the time, these MBL files are accessed and used by students as well as teachers in various educational institutions wherein there are science experiments and lab classes conducted. MBL files play a big part in the function of the Logger Pro application since this program is used for the gathering and collection of data for analysis and experiments. All the data gathered for experimentation are logged using Logger Pro so that it would be easier for students to refer to these data during science experiments and lab classes. All the data logged using Logger Pro are saved with the MBL extension and are therefore, called MBL files.

Mac OS
Recommended mbl file download:
Vernier Logger Pro
Vernier Logger Pro
Detail mbl file extension information:
File Type: mbl
File Format: Logger Pro Data File
Primary Association: Data Files