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format file mcxe

What is a mcxe file and how do I open a mcxe file?

The MCXE file extension was developed by Clinical & Biomedical Computing and used by the BNF software as MedicinesComplete Data Files. MCXE files contain an electronic publication and they are usually located on standalone reading CDs. These files allow reading books, journals, containing drug, clinical and medical information. These files help a lot in medical processes wherein clinical information are required. The BNF application is the main application used to open these MXCE files. BNF is a useful tool for the delivery of electronic publications. It originated at Cambridge University by the Clinical & Biomedical Computing Ltd. The application can be deployed on intranets, and web serves serving as standalone applications usually bundled in CD versions. The software is also known to have been transferred to MedicinesComplete. Just as the software is helpful when it comes to accessing medical information, MCXE files help make it easy for users to access these medical information through the said software.

Recommended mcxe file download:
Clinical & Biomedical Computing BNF
Detail mcxe file extension information:
File Type: mcxe
File Format: MedicinesComplete Data File
Primary Association: Data Files