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format file md8

What is a md8 file and how do I open a md8 file?

MD8 are files categorized as data files and known as Mediator Project Files developed by MatchWare, since they are files that are created using the Mediator application. MD8 files refer to the objects, the multimedia application events and the page lists saved by Mediator and these files help the software to create Flash applications, CD-ROM presentations and HTML web pages. MD8 project files created by Mediator can either contain images or other project resources. MD8 files can be opened using the MatchWare Mediator software. This software is a multimedia authoring tool for the creation of presentations, pages and projects wherein this software is praised for its excellent performance when it comes to icon-based editing and highly professional presentations without the need for scripting. In other words, this software makes it easy for programmers as well as web developers to create projects easily and quickly no matter what type of projects they are.

Recommended md8 file download:
MatchWare Mediator
Detail md8 file extension information:
File Type: md8
File Format: Mediator Project File
Primary Association: Data Files