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format file mdm

What is a mdm file and how do I open a mdm file?

These files are used by the Hierarchical Linear and Nonlinear Modeling (HLM) program and are known as HLM Multivariate Data Matrix Files developed by Scientific Software International and categorized as data files. The Hierarchical Linear and Nonlinear Modeling program is a tool used for scientific data statistical analysis. This is a tool used in social research as well as other fields of research wherein this tool helps users gather statistical data needed for the type of research a user is conducting. This program is what creates the data files known as MDM files. These files are files containing the textual data that has been gathered through statistical observation as well as these are the files used for the creation of summary-level and in-depth statistics for HLM programs. With the use of statistical program output formats such as SPSS and SAS, the compilation of MDM files in the HLM program is possible.

Recommended mdm file download:
SSI HLM software
Detail mdm file extension information:
File Type: mdm
File Format: HLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
Primary Association: Data Files