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format file mmw

What is a mmw file and how do I open a mmw file?

The AceMoney Money File is stored in the MMW format and is affixed with MMW file extension and is used by Ace Money. These MMW files are generally classified as data files that contain account information, transactions, investment portfolio data, and other financial information for generating in-depth or summary-level reports. These file format was introduced in AceMoney version 2.1.6 and they are used and protected with legacy passwords. However in the AceMoney 4.20, the 256-bit AES encryption AMJ format was introduced as the new financial data format. The AceMoney software application is a money software which offers accounts overview feature that allows user to view all his money at once including investments and pending bills. It has an online facility which permits users to directly access bank transactions like transfers and deposits. Aside from that it includes a portfolio manager for investments and nine graphic reporting tools that create financial charts.

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MechCAD AceMoney
Detail mmw file extension information:
File Type: mmw
File Format: AceMoney Money File
Primary Association: Data Files