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format file mwf

What is a mwf file and how do I open a mwf file?

The MWF file extension is known as the MapGuide Author Map Window File, which was developed by Autodesk. The MapGuide program is used to design maps using CAD and GIS data. It contains map descriptions like names, styles, background colors, layer settings and a source data server address. It has the ability to store map configurations and contact Autodesk Map Guide servers to download and display map data. It stores spatial data saved in binary format and can be exported in XML format to .mwx files. Spatial data includes cities, roads and country borders, and these details are the only pieces of data shown in a typical map. It combines vector and raster data into one single file. There are three versions of MapGuide, namely basic MapGuide, which is used for the creation of GIS applications, MapGuide Enterprise for Web-based applications and MapGuide OpenSource, which is a Web-based version. Files in MWF format can be opened with Autodesk MapGuide Viewer in Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended mwf file download:
Autodesk MapGuide Viewer
Detail mwf file extension information:
File Type: mwf
File Format: MapGuide Author Map Window File
Primary Association: Data Files