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format file ndb

What is a ndb file and how do I open a ndb file?

The NDB file extension is known as the Act! Notes Database file which was developed by The SageGroup. The Act! for Notes is a customer relationship management (CRM) software application used to monitor client and prospect details in a single database that can be shared by multiple users. The NDB file extension is used in the Notes section of this application, which is made for an easier management of the user's daily responsibilities. Specifically this format was used in the second version of the program for Windows application. Users can attach text notes to the program and save them with the NDB file extension for future reference. When a file is attached to a contact (on the Notes/History tab), the file is not saved in the database. ACT! saves the attachment as a shortcut to the location where the existing file resides. To be sure the attachments are viewable by all ACT! users on the network, it is suggested to save the files needed to be attach to contacts into the Document folder being shared on the server, or in another folder in the ACTSHARE folder on the server.

Mac OS
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Sourcefire ClamAV
Detail ndb file extension information:
File Type: ndb
File Format: ClamAV Extended Signature File
Primary Association: Data Files